All You Need to Know About Biomedical Equipment Technician

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All You Need to Know About Biomedical Equipment Technician

The environment of a hospital is a unique one and that too in ways that can’t be expressed in words. One never wishes to see the face of the hospital until and unless either he/she is in pain or works there. Upon entrance within a hospital you will be greeted with different humming, chirping, and beeping noises. Noises with which you are unfamiliar and sounds with which you have no relation. However, these sounds are important – important enough to save a life. Yes! You heard it right, these are the sounds of different medical equipment used to monitor patient’s status and vital signs. If there is any malfunction in any of these equipment, biomedical equipment technician sees and fixes it.

What do they work on?

Sometimes, he might also be known as the medical equipment repairer. One can be working on a simple thing such as electric wheelchair or sometimes the workstation can be on A CAT scanner.  There is no doubt that a bio medical technician is imperative to making sure that all the equipment are working properly and in an effective manner. In addition to doing repairs, he/she also does biomedical equipment maintenance

Some Facts

This profession had a median annual salary of $48,820 in the year 2017. 47,100 people are associated with this profession. Employment growth is expected to grow at slower pace when compared with other professions. The place for employment are either companies that are manufacturing the equipment or hospitals that need maintenance and repair facilities.

How do they go about their day?

There is a certain job description for them which involves diagnosing and correcting system and malfunctions of the equipment. They also perform repairs and calibrations to most of the equipment to maintain records that are associated with it. They also solve customer service complaints and issues at organization level.  They also take part in pre-purchase of evaluation programs. They also report all the issues pertinent to the safety of patients to manager or supervisor. Under normal circumstances, they also recommend whether the instrument should be replaced or not.

What are the skills that are required?

Whoever wants to become a professional biomedical equipment maintenance technician should at least have patience and stamina, because when someone is working on any equipment, the issue could take hours to resolve and if one can’t bear to continue working in a straight manner, then this job is not for him/her. Picking up and manipulating small objects is also required. You need to be highly coordinated to perform the job efficiently. One also needs to have the skill of time management. Skills such as problem solving, dexterity, and communication are also a must for biomedical equipment maintenance.

Expectations of Employers

Employers will expect him/her to be self-disciplined and able to work with very little supervision. He/she will also be expected to maintain customer services with higher standards. He/she should also be having a working knowledge pertinent to spreadsheet, email and database management, plus applications of word processor. He/she must be result oriented. These are some of the expectations that the employers might have of the biomedical equipment technician.

Now that you know almost everything about the biomedical technician, you should be able to choose if this is what you want you as a career or not. If you still have any questions you can contact Medrepairtech to get the answers.

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