5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting A Biomedical Equipment Service Company

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5 Things You Need to Know When Selecting A Biomedical Equipment Service Company

The world of medical equipment and services is changing. Currently one of the biggest expenses incurred by a medical agency is done towards repairing the medical equipment they have in their medical centers. Besides the basic cost of getting this equipment back into running cost, hospitals and medical centers also have to undergo the downtime that is suffered when this equipment is gone for repair.

When it comes to medical equipment repair and maintenance, medical facilities have two options; either to outsource the work to a third-party organization or to have an in-house team. An in-house team is not a feasible option, because you have to recruit and pay a team of workers that will only come to work when your equipment is malfunctioning. Thus, it makes sense to outsource repairs to a third party, and to only incur charges when you are getting actual work done towards repairs.

Therefore, the option of outsourcing your work to a third party biomedical equipment technician is the best one. However, you need to be aware of the risks in this option as well, and should take your sweet time while selecting a biomedical equipment service company.

Here we mention some of the things you ought to know when looking for a repair company that can service your biomedical equipment:

Follow OEM Guideline

The third party repair service you’re heading to should have the right testing and calibration in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the original equipment manufacturer. Most of the medical equipment you have in your organization can only be calibrated and repaired using the recommended practices. There is limited room for innovating, or trying to create your own methods.


How many biomedical equipment technicians does the agency you are recruiting to, have under its belt? Most biomedical equipment repair agencies do take in a lot of orders, but don’t have the required employees working under them. Additionally, you should also check whether the engineers working for these companies have the relevant experience in the subject matter.

Turn-Around Time

Since you would be without your medical equipment while it is being repaired, the typical turn-around time for the job should be of concern to you. Ask their previous customers and see if they adhere to the promises they make.

What Parts Do They Use?

Often times a repair job for biomedical equipment requires you to replace some of the parts located within. In such cases, you should do your checks to see whether they have the right parts and aren’t fitting in the wrong parts.


The third-party agency working on your biomedical equipment should have the adequate property insurance, which shouldn’t leave you hanging at the time of further damage. The insurance can also be useful, if the machine ends up harming a patient after the repair.

All these checks are necessary before you select a biomedical equipment technician for repairing your biomedical equipment.

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