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Precision and Accuracy are the two prerequisites when Medical Facilities use Medical Devices. Over time, their calibration and performance diminish, resulting in unreliable results and putting patient’s safety at risk. Finding a certified merchant that repairs, maintains, and verifies medical equipment can be hard.

That’s why we created Med Repair Tech. For over 6 years, we’ve been buying, selling, maintaining, and repairing biomedical equipment and equipment parts.

Known for our repair and maintenance service, we specialize in preventive maintenance, as well as recalibrating and repairing equipment for hospitals, dental clinics, labs, and other health sector facilities.

We offer medical equipment rental in NYC, perfect for healthcare sectors that need specialized equipment or accessories for short-term use.

Providing trained biomedical equipment technicians, we improve the performance of your equipment, saving you time and money and reducing expenses on operating and labor costs.

Experts in disassembling and supply of spare medical and aesthetic equipment parts, we can repair any biomedical or aesthetic equipment immediately.

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Our Services

Interim Staffing

The challenges of short-term staffing that meet certain skill sets and requirements are becoming harder to find. At Med Repair Tech, we offer practical solutions to healthcare challenges. Providing experienced and certified technicians that are flexible handling any new dynamic environments within your budget. Trained to handle any leadership, medical equipment, and critical operation roles that are needed in your healthcare workplace. Competitive hourly rates hire your next Interim staff to help your organization today.

Interim Staffing
Labor: Biomedical Technician Hourly Rate
Tech I: $35 Hour | Tech II: $40 Hour | Tech III: $45 Hour

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Inspect Certify & Contract

As regulations and equipment continue to change and improve, a constant review of standards and training to keep up with new technologies is mandatory. At MedRepair Tech, all our professionals follow DOH, TJC,NFPA, and other regulatory agencies guidelines. Experts in analyzing, repairing, and maintaining biomedical machines, equipment, devices, and instruments in hospitals, ensuring they meet maintenance standards recommended by the manufacturer. See how our trained professionals can help your business today

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Repair & Maintenance

Precision and Accuracy are the two indispensable pre-requisites for medical devices and equipment at any medical facility. Over time their calibration and performance diminish, resulting in unreliable results and putting patient’s safety at risk. Regular repair and maintenance for your biomedical equipment are crucial for efficient and reliable readings. At MedRepair Tech, our onsite engineers diagnose the issues immediately, explaining the faults and operational problems then provide quick solutions that can get your medical equipment back up and running. Following maintenance guidelines and manufacturer-endorsed plans will keep your equipment in a reliable working state for far longer.

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Equipment Parts & Accessories

As technology continually improves, medical equipment is becoming more and more expensive. Having parts to repair or upgrade existing systems is the best alternative in staying up to date with the latest medical technology. At MedRepair Tech, we provide a wide range of high-quality biomedical equipment parts and accessories to suit all your medical needs. Over the past 6 years, we’ve built long-lasting relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to get the best medical parts at competitive prices. Offering Medical Equipment Rental in NY, NJ, CT and PA, perfect for healthcare services that need specialized equipment or accessories for short-term use. Keep your equipment maintained and up-to-date today.

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